Important Phone Numbers and Community Links

Quick list of phone numbers and link so you can access them quickly!
Name Phone Number
Animal Control/Shelter 972-564-7397
Chamber of Commerce 972-564-2233
City of Forney 972-564-7300
Community Waste Disposal 972-392-9300
Economic Development 972-564-5808
Electric (TXU) 800-554-2143
Fire Department (Admin) 972-552-2211
Forney Food Pantry 972-552-2011
Forney ISD Administration 972-564-4055
Forney Messenger News 972-564-3121
Forney Municipal Court 972-564-7300
Gas-Atmos (City Limits) 888-286-6700
Parks & Recreation 972-564-7326
Police Dept (Admin) 972-552-3932
Post Office 972-552-9743
Senior Center 972-564-7348
Water & Trash Service 972-564-7304
Water Emergency 972-552-3932

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